Sixth Movement: Oratorio Feroce e Capriccio

Sascha was held back at Doctor Kaintz’ office when he discovered their encounters with the local populace of werewolves in the hills outside Berkeley, and interviewed extensively about their number, their capabilities, and more.

Meanwhile, Jan, Violet, Mila, and her ghouled husband Joseph headed to Timothy’s apartment. They discovered the building was mostly quiet, and that the entire top floor where Timothy’s haven was located was uninhabited. Furthermore, upon exploring the haven, they discovered every window and door was open, the apartment stripped bare, its walls painted with words layered over one another in the blood of the building’s inhabitants, the bodies of many of whom were still piled up in the apartment’s bathroom—the bathtub itself used as a gory inkwell and the lettering handwritten, presumably by Timothy.

When the members of the coterie attempted to leave, they found their escape cut off by a trio of unknown Kindred who arrived by the building’s elevator, and a fourth who was climbing up the building’s fire escape. During the confrontation, one Kindred was apparently killed, another rendered torpid, and a third hurled out the apartment’s window. The fourth Kindred turned out to be Timothy, who was witnessed apparently committing Diablerie upon the one who had been thrown out of the window. Afterward, Timothy escaped into the night, and the caitiffs returned to make their report to Doctor Kaintz, bringing the other Kindred bodies with them, along with several photographs of the apartment’s interior.

The coterie was interviewed at length not only by Doctor Kaintz, but by Bishop Esteban, and by Adrian Pryor, acting in this case as Prince Matthias’ Seneschal. A Blood Hunt was declared upon Timothy North, with a reward promised for his capture or proof of his destruction, and word was sent out by the city’s Herald, Samuel Taylor.

The next couple of nights have seen the coterie attempting to search for Timothy, decipher the near-incomprehensible writing left on the walls of his haven, and other tasks such as working to discover who was attempting to shut down the building where their local club night was being held. In addition, in attempting to find more places to feed, Sascha further inflamed the ire of the Harpy, Miles Barton, when they found that the club they were in was part of his personal territory . . .

Sixth Movement: Oratorio Feroce e Capriccio

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