Interlude: Operetta Seria Allargando

After being advised by Jayson the coroner that they would be contacted, the group met at Mila’s haven in Oakland, and were later picked up by a large black SUV. The driver, a servant of another vampire, also picked up Jayson’s supervisor, Doctor Kaintz, taking them all to a mansion near the Pacific Heights district.

In this richly-appointed, well-guarded residence, they were given an audience with Matthias, a young-looking blonde man with a very old look in his eyes, who explained his position as the ruler of the area. Normally, vampires created without his permission would be executed along with their sires, but given their extremely unusual circumstances, he decided to spare them instead and look into the situation to determine why they were apparently embraced by different people all in such a short period.

Doctor Kaintz took a sample of each of their vitae to begin the investigation, and Matthias advised them to meet at the upcoming ‘Elysium’, an event being held on Halloween night. In addition, he suggested they make themselves known to other Kindred in the area, and to pay at least one visit a month to the local Bishop’s services (apparently the leader of a local undead religious faction).

Over the next several nights, they began to work to establish themselves, finding ways to make money, distance themselves from their mortal lives to a degree, and begin carefully venturing toward the undead society to which they had been introduced… including attending Bishop Esteban’s services. His sermon on forgiveness versus punishment concluded with anointing his faithful in marks of blood, and a chance to meet a few others who showed up to pay lip service just as they did (including at least one member of the Movement, a modern sociopolitical group for vampires).

Interlude: Operetta Seria Allargando

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