Interlude: Fuga Lento e Lugubre

After the initial furor of the evening’s violent events had been settled, the remaining revenants at the ritual site were taken by Doctor Kaintz for further examination, with the thought that perhaps the entity possessing O’Neill might have been the ones to send the previous handful of mindless semi-Kindred after the coterie months ago, and that there might be some connection to be found. Bishop Esteban took possession of the various torpid Circle members, including Livia, keeping them secured in a safehouse owned by the Lancea.

The Coterie was interrogated by Adrian Pryor as to how they had survived their previous encounter, and it was finally admitted that they had bargained with the werewolves for a means to capture the entities harrying them (though, surprisingly, none in the Coterie let
slip that the Sixth was also aiding them); a fact which both surprised and impressed Doctor Kaintz and Sir Pryor alike.

As it was easily determined by now that O’Neill was more than just a minor threat, the Prince directed the Bishop and Doctor Kaintz to come up with a solution to the matter. Li Nguyen was granted clemency in exchange for his help in doing so, as the Circle might have some way of assisting; the Coterie turned to searching Livia’s haven, led there by Nguyen and watched over by the Bishop’s childe Gabriel. Between the various arcane texts Livia had hidden away, the fragmentary attempt at recreating the ‘Nightmare Catcher,’ and other research, work was undertaken to put together a means of drawing this entity from O’Neill
once he was found.

Sascha stayed away from the rest of the Coterie as he was still unstable, and was likewise held off from entering O’Neill’s domain (now under Jolene’s fledgling control for the time being), and the next night had a chance encounter with the Sixth, who was moving from place to place to avoid being found out by the revenants created by the Seventh, its elder sibling. The Sixth had spied on his failing attempts to hunt, and ‘took pity’ upon him by leading him to a homeless person sleeping on a building’s rooftop. Tempted by the easily available source of Vitae after a couple of nights of starvation and the need to heal his injuries, Sascha’s feeding resulted in the death of the unfortunate man, although as his Humanity slipped another rung down the ladder, Sascha found himself not caring all that much as long as he stayed alive. The Sixth seemed amused by this change, and departed
again, apparently untroubled by Sascha’s lack of moral fiber.

Upon attempting to return Kerensky’s journal to her, Violet visited one of her domains, but found only one of her ghouls, who was under orders to escort her to a notary, in this case, Sir Adrian Pryor, who oversaw a contract being signed in her blood to operate in Kerensky’s stead for a time. In return, Violet would gain some control over her holdings, as long as she acted in her Avus’ best interests. Upon signing the contract, Violet felt a pair of cold, damp hands settle on her shoulders, as if Kerensky had touched her, but saw no one; Pryor remarked cryptically that she would soon understand.

Elsewhere, Mila headed out to secure a new haven in the hills east of Oakland, but ended up taking a detour through her old neighborhood where her damaged house was located, after hearing news reports of a fire in the area earlier that evening. Upon visiting the area, the Spirit’s Touch showed her a scene of a few revenants traveling there earlier, killing inhabitants of neighboring houses, and leaving the homes aflame. Acting on a hunch, she visited Jan and Violet’s old warehouse loft, where she discovered another fire had recently been lit there, and none of the building’s inhabitants had survived. She reasoned that perhaps they were drawn to these two places as they had been where she and Sascha and Joseph (in her house) and Jan and Violet (in the apartment where Kate had still resided, and apparently perished) had lived for some time, leaving their mark on the area and drawing the Seventh’s pets to those locales . . . or perhaps to places the Sixth had also visited.

Interlude: Fuga Lento e Lugubre

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