Interlude: Aria Solenne

Following a brief, strange, and terrifying visit by Timothy to Mila’s home—by daylight, where he accosted her ghoul husband with cryptic messages—the coterie gathered together and discussed the situation. Despite the intrusion into the haven, Mila and Sascha had not awakened at all, and instead shared fragments of a dream about ancient stone catacombs; Jan and Violet had experienced no such occurrences that day. After deciding that Timothy had something to do with it, the Coterie decided to report his appearance to Doctor Kaintz, especially given his daylight appearance.

Jan and Joseph had also managed to finally decode the words written in blood all around Timothy’s haven—despite Doctor Kaintz’ superior knowledge and expertise suggesting he should have done so more easily—leading them to discover that the words had been a message, which intimated that the Kindred had tried to drive something out of the area during an intense period of internecine conflict.

In discussing the matter with the doctor, they were informed that a few decades ago, there had been an upheaval in local Kindred society, involving the various covenants and possible involvement of some corrupting entity or agency. The structure of current Kindred politics, Matthias’ position as Prince, the Carthians’ control of the east bay, the small population of the Ordo, and the very standoffish nature of the Lancea and the Circle were all the result of that shift in politics. Timothy North was too young a Kindred to have been part of those events, as he was some time embraced afterward, but whatever he was now might have been related to it.

The Ordo Dracul investigator had a surprise of his own for them as well: One of the Kindred who had attacked at Timothy’s apartment had been able to be roused from torpor with only a small amount of Vitae. Despite being fully restrained, the individual still fought to escape his confinement when Mila or any of the others approached. In addition, despite making no verbal or other communication, one hand bore the faint marks: V I I. The subject’s mind was similarly blank, and this thought, ‘seven,’ was the only thing that could be read from it.

This very weak Kindred—a Revenant, brought to life occasionally as the victim of a Kindred attack rather than an intentional Embrace—was a puzzle, as previous tales of those who were affiliated with this ‘covenant’ were known to be lethal in the extreme, yet this one and his fellows had been dispatched by the Coterie with less effort.

Along with these mysteries, the neonates continued their investigations into finding out who was trying to purchase the property where their favorite club was being held, along with their search for answers, and the hunt for Timothy.

Sascha considered paying a visit to Bishop Esteban to discuss the matter, but first sought out the werewolf leading the pack outside Berkeley, and established a very tenuous rapport, establishing a deal: If he could do something to aid the pack, their alpha would help him in return.

Meanwhile, Mila made plans to find Gabriel or speak with Adrian Pryor, while Violet prepared for an appointment with Madame Kerensky . . .

Interlude: Aria Solenne

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