First Movement: Opera Semiseria Accelerando

The group continues to figure out their new natures, find ways to feed, and discovers that there are other things in the night:

Sascha goes hunting for deer as an alternative source of blood. While feeding from a drugged deer that Sascha brought down in the hills north of Berkeley, he is accosted and chased out by an angry local and his two friends . . .

all three of whom happen to be werewolves.

Later, in attempting to use his newfound undead charm for fun and profit at an exotic dancers’ club in San Francisco, Sascha draws the attention of the club’s current owner, O’Neill, who does not meet him (yet), but whose servants do make note of Sascha’s visit.

Mila, Jan and Violet go to meet with a friend of Mila’s to discuss faking death certificates for insurance scams. While meeting with him—a coroner whose pathology lab has recently brought in two bodies for examination—the corpses animate and attack Jan, turning out to be their neighbor and the jogger killed near Lake Merritt. The ensuing fight leads to Mila and Jan both being burned when they use fire to destroy the revenants. In addition, they discover Jayson, the coroner, is serving another vampire.

Jan and Violet go to a local club to feed and give him a chance to hunt with a lesser risk of frenzy. He manages to do so without incident, fortunately.

Mila accepts a favor from Jayson, who directs her to a bus running local blood drive outside a church; its occupants are aware of the situation and able to dispense enough to feed her as well.

First Movement: Opera Semiseria Accelerando

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