Fifth Movement: Battaglia Affrettando

The caitiffs unlives have grown increasingly more complex and strange as events continue to unfold around them . . .

Mila met with Gabriel at a bar in the Castro district, discussing his involvement with the Church of the Spear, and Bishop Esteban’s observations of the five Kindred. Gabriel explained to Mila that he could sometimes see something around the members of the coterie, “like cold black smoke,” a phrase similar to the description uttered by the werewolf who paid Sascha a visit weeks before. He was cautious and reserved, but promised that he would be in contact.

Sascha attempted to continue finding ways to feed without becoming obsessed over a singular prey, by hopping from bar to bar in the Soma area’s Rack, then later found himself at a private emergency members’ meeting for Bondage-A-Go-Go, wherein he discovered that someone had taken over the lease for the building where the bar was located (and thus where the club events itself were being held), and was hoisting the rent rates, thus ousting the club from its site. He began investigating with the help of his mentor, O’Neill, but had yet to discover any particular details.

Elsewhere, Violet and Jan began prepared to ride to Timothy’s haven in San Francisco, only to find themselves being stalked by an SUV on the trip through Oakland. When they paused to confront their pursuers, they discovered they were being followed by Ronnie and Nick, the erstwhile ‘vampire hunters’. The two men displayed a disturbing amount of glee at the prospect, and both Jan and Violet found themselves occasionally hallucinating as they had before, with the Gangrel neonate suddenly lapsing into Latin as he shouted angrily at the pair. Ronnie and Nick pursued Violet and Jan through the roads in the hills over Oakland, leading to a confrontation in which she leapt from the back of Jan’s motorcycle to attack the pair in their SUV; Jan followed, suddenly falling into a controlled, directed but violent frenzy. The fight saw the motorcycle damaged as it was ditched on the road, but the SUV was wrecked, the two neonates badly injured, and the pair of ‘hunters’ (who displayed the same yellow eyes as Todd and Timothy, along with the same disturbing shrieks as Todd, and other abnormal physical changes as well) were killed in the wreck. Before the SUV caught fire in the crash, a dark presence seemed to emanate from their corpses and dissipate into the night.

The next night, the four neonates met with Doctor Kaintz to discuss their findings, discovering that all of them had in some way become more potent-blooded with amazing rapidity—usually another sign of Diablerie—along with their other rapidly-developing prodigious talents, and that Jan had actually gone through Chrysalis, developing the first coil in the Mystery of the Wyrm in his quest to surmount the Beast.

Soon after, the four made plans to band together and investigate Timothy North’s haven, reasoning that none of them should go alone after these recent, strange, and violent events . . .

Fifth Movement: Battaglia Affrettando

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