Second Movement: Tarantella Furioso

Jan and Violet, upon awakening on Devil’s Night, October 30th, found that their roommate’s friend had brought two strangers to the house: A pair of unlikely hunters who simply kept urging the couple to ‘end it themselves,’ offering to help. They were ultimately chased out, but the answer as to their motivation remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, Sascha and Mila were awakened the same morning by three intruders—ghouls, as it turned out—carrying a fourth intruder with them in a body bag… another vampire. Two of the ghouls were killed in the ensuing fight, the third badly wounded, and the vampire beaten to a pulp, and a stake rammed into his heart.

The pair called Jan and Violet for help upon awakening in the evening, and after patching up the one living ghoul remaining (and before dumping him off at a local hospital for treatment), they questioned him, discovering that Timothy North was the attacking vampire, who had ordered the ghouls to bring him here after Sascha—little knowing that the other two would be here as well.

The bodies of the two ghouls and the vampire were loaded into his S.U.V. and dumped in a less-than-pleasant neighborhood in West Oakland. Timothy’s haven on Eddy Street in SF was tossed, and a few items (and the aparment’s keys) were made off with.

Second Movement: Tarantella Furioso

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