Dramatis Personae



Prince Tiberius: Ventrue; Recently awoken member of cyclic dynasty of House Lindt and next in line of succession to Matthias. (Deceased)

Prince Matthias: Ventrue; Currently torpid member of cyclic dynasty of House Lindt; Ruler of San Francisco, protector of its environs. (w/ various guards, servants, valets)

Sir Atticus: Daeva; Judex to Prince Tiberius (Diablerized)

Sir Samuel Taylor: Ventrue; Covenant Herald and Crier

Master Adrian Pryor: Mekhet; Covenant Notary and Knight; Appointed Seneschal to Prince Matthias

Sir Miles Barton: Daeva; Harpy, Gossip-Monger, Cacophony Seeker; former Sister of Perpetual Indulgence

Master Ricky O’Neill: Daeva; Groom and overseer of San Francisco’s Rack; Proprietor of the Penthouse Club (Deceased)

Timothy North: Daeva; Disgraced childe of Ricky O’Neill

The Right Honorable Baroness (“Madame”) Elena Kerensky: Nosferatu Alder and Priscus; Librettist and Keeper of Elysium, Avus of the San Francisco Cockscomb Society (Currently in voluntary Torpor)

Vy Nguyen: Mekhet; information broker, loosely tied to Invictus and residing in San Jose; Avus of the local Lynx node

Jolene Kruczynski: Daeva Neonate (Embraced by Sascha); Head dancer and proprietor at the Penthouse Club, working to replace O’Neill and Sascha as Groom

Amelia: Mekhet; ‘Attache’ to Prince Tiberias, taken into his care after his execution of her Sire for an unsanctioned Embrace

Ordo Dracul

Doctor Johann Kaintz: Mekhet Priscus; Primogen; Master of the Fiery Demesne; Sworn of the Dying Light; Scholar and Epidemiologist; Regnant of Jayson Eschlemann

Shen Xiao Wei: Nosferatu Elder; Kogaion; Master of Equilibrium; Sworn of Mysteries; Geomancer and Keeper of Chinatown’s Wyrm’s Nest

[Names Unknown]: Trio of black-clad Kindred attendants to Shen Xiao Wei

[Name Unknown]: Asian child of indeterminate gender, inhabiting Shen Xiao Wei’s domain

[Names Unknown]: Duo of pale, thin, silent ghoul lab assistants to Doctor Kaintz

Lancea et Sanctum

Esteban Antonio Montoya Ramirez: Mekhet Primogen; Reeve to Prince Matthias; Bishop of the Church of the Spear (Torpid)

Gabriel Brennan: Mekhet; Childe of Bishop Esteban; Hound to Prince Tiberias; acting Bishop of the Church of the Spear

Phillip Karlsson: Nosferatu Faithful

[Names unknown]: 3 anointed Faithful attendants to Bishop Esteban

Carthian Movement

Prefect Joshua Garrett: Gangrel Priscus; Baron of Berkeley; Leader of local Carthian Movement

Rickard: Gangrel; Envoy to the Ordo Dracul, Doctor Kaintz’ ‘T.A.’ and Jan’s direct mentor in the Order

Alec Rowland: Ventrue; disenchanted former Invictus

Kiko: Daeva; champion featherweight in the East Bay Rats boxing club

Circle of the Crone

Livia DeWitt: Daeva Priscus; Circle Priestess; Domain holder of SF’s Crimson Sky nightclub (Torpid)

Li Nguyen: Mekhet; Circle Heirophant


Donny-Dogg: Nosferatu; Unbound “Baron of the Barrens”

Andrea Mayhew: Mekhet; Unbound inhabitant of the Barrens

Max: Gangrel; Unbound, itinerant member of Donny-Dogg’s crew

Stephen: Daeva Neonate; Unbound Revenant and fledgling Avus of the Neglatu brood


The Tilden Park Pack, led by a very large, hairy park ranger


Kate: Roommate and retainer to Jan and Violet (Deceased)

Joseph: Mila’s husband and ghouled Retainer

Ashley: Jan’s blood doll from Deathguild

Gregg and Jean: Blood-bank bus team members working for Jayson and Doctor Kaintz

Doctor Jayson Eschleman: Alameda County Coroner; Retainer to Doctor Kaintz

Riley: Mila’s blood doll from the White Horse tavern

Johnny: Remaining third member of Timothy North’s trio of ghouled bros

Nick and Ronnie: Amateur ‘compassionate’ vampire hunters (Deceased)

Judith Hamp and Aaron Madrone: Violet’s parents

Julie and John Goodlove: Mila’s parents

Miranda Vargas: Jan’s adoptive sister

Remy Hasson: Miranda’s boyfriend

Carissa: Graveyard shift waitress at Mel’s Diner

Aidan Lewis: Long-distance friend of Jan Farkas, unaware of his Kindred condition

Jose: Street kid; Mila’s second ghoul

Tuxedo: Jolene’s ghouled cat


The First: Sloth. Found hiding in Andrea Mayhew. “One for a girl.”

The Second: Envy. Possessed Nick. “Two for a boy.”

The Third: Gluttony. Possessed Ronnie. “Three for sorrow.”

The Fourth: Lust. Riding Jolene Kruczynski. “Four for joy.”

The Fifth: Greed. Hidden in Samuel Taylor. “Five for silver.”

The Sixth: Pride. (“Definitely my favorite sin!”) Started with Timothy North. “Six for gold.”

The Seventh: Wrath. Took Ricky O’Neill, then Jan. “Seven for a secret . . .”

Dramatis Personae

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