Owls & Ashes

Sascha's Night

Feeling emotionally drained, Sascha can feel the Beast struggling to take over, like a crazed passenger grabbing at the steering wheel. If he doesn’t decide to kill something, the Beast will and when it does, there will undoubtedly be consequences.
An hour later, in the woods of Marin County, he waits patiently for a deer unfortunate enough to wander close enough for him to catch it. Eventually, a victim is found, and Sascha snaps its neck. Not long after that, they are depositing the deer in the Berkeley woods with a note tied to its antlers saying, “A deer for a deer. Please forgive me.”
More than a little excited about having a new job, Sascha drives himself back to the safe house in Oakland and begins getting ready for bed. One by one, Sascha loads the rounds into his 30-round magazine until it won’t take any more. He shoves the magazine into the rifle and gives it a tug to make sure it’s secure before pulling the bolt back and chambering a round. With the safety on, Sascha lies down next to his rifle at the base of the stairs. The next time someone touches that door without saying, “Hold your fire. It’s Joe.” it’s going to be the last fucking thing they do. If he’s dead, there won’t be anyone to take care of his grandfather. He makes a mental note to call his grandfather to let him know he has a new job, though his grandfather may not need to know all of the details. Should take him out for dinner with his first check too. Sascha reassures himself by positioning his rifle at the angle that comes most natural to him as he reaches for it. Sascha closes his eyes and smiles for a moment as he relaxes and starts drifting off to sleep while thinking about exotic dancers, tiny lingerie, tits and ass. The relaxed, and aroused feelings disappear as thoughts of being humiliated, a ruined suit covered in chocolate and dirt, and Barton’s obnoxious face come bubbling back up to the surface, and a sinking feeling takes hold as he realizes the Beast is still angry, and it still wants out.



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